Left without staff, EU-Corriere.it embarrassment

Twitter’s Brussels office was left without staff at all, so today it announced it was closing. The six employees on the team who were working decided to quit their jobs after the email sent by the new CEO, Elon Musk, in which he issued his ultimatum to the announcement. The plan cuts 7,500 workers and requires a greater commitment from the rest of the people. The Brussels office has always been a political link with European institutions, so the announced dismantling worries the European Commission very much.

European Union concern

The European Union feared the social network’s failure to comply with the new Digital Services Act (DSA), the agreement reached in April 2022 to require big tech companies to enforce greater liability for illegal or harmful content (in particular that spreads misleading information) circulating on their platforms. It was the first wake-up call Elon Musk launches new Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service Which allows you to get the famous “blue check”, originally intended to check real profiles from fake ones. The same EU Vice President Margrethe Vestager commented on the company’s not entirely perfect business model. according to financial timesFurther worrying European officials are the resignations of Twitter executives who played a role in contacting regulators and implementing EU rules on the platform aimed at curbing the spread of illegal content online. Julia Moser and Dario La Nasa, for example, who are responsible for digital Twitter policy at the European level, left their office in Brussels last week.

Spending review

Despite the serious concern of the European authorities, Elon Musk’s Twitter spending continues to be reviewed. Of the previous 7,500, about 2,700 employees remain and some bill payments, such as travel and other benefits for workers, have been blocked. The The New York Times It also reports on the sources under which the new CEO is examining all the costs the company supports with the support of the management staff (also significantly reduced) and themselves Directing employees to review them, which in some cases may lead to renegotiation or even non-payment of suppliers. IT infrastructure costs will also be targeted, for which I was asked to renegotiate with Amazon and Oracle, for software services, for real estate and canteen service. Employees’ corporate credit cards, gym memberships, internet and cell phone bills, and childcare will also be closed. It didn’t take long for complaints to arrive, mainly from suppliers with whom Twitter allegedly owes millions of dollars in arrears, but also from insiders.

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