Leave the video camera in front of the dog: the puppy’s reaction is very cute

A very nice video starring a funny and cute little dog whose reaction to the camera is funny.

Pets can enrich people’s lives. They give affection, delight and tenderness. Sometimes, their reactions can seem very funny to humans. In today’s video, you can see a similar scene.

This French bulldog puppy makes everyone laugh –

The protagonist is a very sweet French bulldog Dealing with something he may not know very well. It cannot be denied that when puppies are left on their own, they try to get by with the means at their disposal. Their own view of the world can really teach a lot. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why the video went viral.

French Bulldog Puppy Makes Everyone Laugh: The puppy’s reaction in front of the camera is funnier than ever

The scene has been invaded by a French bulldog puppy. The little boy was placed in front of the camera, without his family at his side. The entire video is shot in the kitchen, on the floor, exactly at the level of the animal’s nose. His astonishment was evident from the first moments of the video.

The funny reaction of a French bulldog puppy – (TikTok kikkacozzi) –

He stares at the camera with slight fear, with a puzzled look. He might have been surprised to have dealt with such a strange thing. He takes a few steps back and then, in a sudden movement of courage, An uncertain jump attempt towards the goal. Unhappy with his “performance,” at the end of the clip, he throws in the towel and decides to leave the kitchen with a quick strategic retreat.

TikTok users left rave reviews. Most of them seemed to be affected by the little one. It was a funny, spontaneous and kind reaction, It is not uncommon in animals. Dogs, by nature, are very curious. They want to explore the world, but they know when to hold back if the situation does not allow them to choose other alternatives.

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It is also possible that he saw his image on the front of the phone’s camera. We are not aware of the model used, but it is a function present in all devices of this type. According to experts, Most animals, including the dog, are unable to recognize themselves in a mirrorHowever, he realizes that something is not the norm.


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Surely this beautiful scene will remain in the hearts of everyone who watched the video. It is impossible not to feel tenderness in front of such a sweet and cute little dog. Who knows, maybe with growth you might try to take on this challenge again. Again, the Animal reactions are amazing.

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