Leasys Be Free EVO, Flexible Long Term Rental Like Short Term Rental

Mobility changes and car ownership changes with it. More and more to catch up Long term lease formulas. lysisThis trend has long been opposed, coming to offer various rental opportunities. Now, it has decided to offer clients a very flexible solution. Thus Be Free EVO was born, A long-term lease formula of up to 24 months provides flexibility in short-term leases.

Moreover, this new proposal from Leasys It’s all digitalWithout further ado and easily accessible. In fact, to subscribe, you just need a credit card with which to pay the fixed monthly fee.

The Leasys Be Free EVO rental formula is for individuals, the self-employed, and businesses. Customers will be able to choose a vehicle, including a hybrid or electric vehicle, and Driving after 48 hours. Moreover, they will be able to return it after the first month without the risk of incurring fines. BE FREE FROM EVO 5 models from the Stellantis Group: give her New electric Fiat 500 and the Opel Corsa E (€389 per month) to the Jeep Compass 4xe hybrid (€479), via the Opel Corsa (€279) and the Fiat 500X (€379).

The monthly fee is fixed and Includes the first 1500 km of travel, to which another 1,500 kilometers can be added by choosing the Plus version, and subscribing to this new rental formula is very simple. The first thing to do is buy coupon on amazon From €199 for the selected car model or at one of the more than 200 Leasys Mobility authorized stores.

Then, customers will have to do this Register through a dedicated site Pay the fees for the first month of rent. As mentioned earlier, there is also a ‘Plus’ rental formula which, in addition to extending the mileage limit from 1,500 km base to 3,000 km, allows you to add a package that includes, starting at €79 per month, Super Cover. (which allows for the deductible payable in case of damage, total or partial theft, and fire) and the additional driver.

Vehicles must be collected and delivered at authorized Leasys Mobility stores. For all full electric and PHEV models, you can always recharge for free at all authorized mobility stores in Italy.

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