Leak reveals the first free game for the month of April on PS5?

a Playstation game size leak Someone might have found out Free PlayStation Plus Games April 2022The lineup will be announced on Wednesday, March 30th and that expectation may be connected in some way to the unveiling of new Plus games.

Specifically, the profile that monitors PlayStation Store activities has detected an entry in the database dedicated to Nobody saves the world on PlayStation 5. What’s wrong with you? Nothing, except that the PS5 version of the game from DrinkBox Studios was never announced and the timing seems rather suspicious.

Is the game uploaded as it will soon be downloadable for Plus subscribers? The debut can coincide with the arrival of New free PlayStation Plus gamesAvailable for download starting the first Tuesday of April.

Obviously this is just speculation and perhaps the two events are not closely related, it must be said that the emergence of an indie game a few hours after ‘Announcing PlayStation Plus games Certainly raises doubts about the inclusion of the title in the catalog of games of the group Instant Games for subscribers. Will it really be like this? We’ll find out at the end of this week.

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