Leak Reveals How Much Pokémon Will Be in Pokédex? –

By tradition, until the release of pokemon scarlet and violet Preceded by a series of leaks and rumors, in this case regarding The amount of creatures in Pokédex In the new chapters, which appear to be 400.

The information comes from Zodiachi Khuller (or Riddler_Khu), a fairly well-known character in the Pokémon field, regarding confidential information and data for the series’ chapters, which was revealed via Twitter. In this case, the message is very tight and ambiguous, which is practically a arithmetic operation.

It is not easy to understand what it is, but according to various interpretations, it will be the amount of Pokémon present in the new Pokédex of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, in relation to the creatures in the respective games, with reference also to the origin who are they.

297 indicates the return of Pokemon from previous chapterswhile 103 will be new and unreleased, for a total of 400. The reference to “40+” appearing in the tweet could be related to Pokemon detected in the game code but may not be immediately available, so perhaps to be unlocked through future events or DLC or expansions, or they can be transferred through the Pokémon Home app.

Obviously this is speculation, it should be considered just a rumor waiting for any piece of information. In the meantime, a few days ago we saw a new trailer with various plots and activities available, from which we also drew an in-depth analysis.

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