League conference, Tottenham Rennes will not be recovered

London, UK) – match Conference League between Tottenham Hotspur It will not be refunded as there are no dates available. The Oversight, Ethics and Disciplinary Body will decide the outcome of the match. The meeting has been postponed due to the very large number of Covid cases in the England national team. On the other hand, the French criticized the London club for taking it “unilateral decision“.

A note from the European Football Association

The UEFA note regarding the match was as follows:In accordance with Annex J of the UEFA Europa Conference League Regulations, UEFA, in cooperation with the two clubs, sought a feasible solution to reschedule the match, in order to ensure the completion of the group stage as a result. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, it was not possible to find a solution that would suit both clubs. Consequently, the match can no longer be played and the matter will therefore be referred to the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body for a decision in accordance with Annex J of the above Match Regulations.“With this scenario, Tottenham could lose 3-0 at the table by being out of the competition.

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