Le Due Torri (more) has become big with 8 thousand square meters of cinema, entertainment and sports

Tonight, October 27, at the Arcadia Cinema, Minister Franceschini’s ribbon cutting with the national premiere of “Freaks Out”

Le Due Torri di Stezzano is growing and looking to the future: after two complex years, between closures and distances and also solidarity, now is the time to embrace the future with confidence. Today Wednesday October 27 at 2 pm the new wing of the shopping center, whose construction began in December 2019 was opened: 8 thousand square meters entirely dedicated to flavors, health, sports and entertainment. A real space for free time, where it will be possible to find different types of restaurants, a fitness center and, above all, the new Arcadia cinema, one of the most technological films in Europe.

And the honor of cutting the ribbon went to the president of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana, who underlined the courage of this investment of more than 20 million euros: the pandemic that managed to raise its head immediately. “

“The new plaza of Le Due Torri is an operation of great importance, which has never as in these times represented a sign of encouragement and confidence and shows how our group faced the epidemic with courage and realism – announced Simon Maltempe, CEO of Altarea -. It is a whole new reality, It is fit for the future and designed to satisfy that desire for gathering, leisure and leisure that has been hit so hard in recent months. All this in the context, the context of Bergamo, where there is Italy that has suffered and from its experience we have also found the strength to start over.”

The new cinema, pioneer in the new area, is of particular importance and value at this historical moment: this is thanks to Piero Fumagali, the Italian businessman considered a pioneer in the field of national multiplexes, founder of the Arcadia Cinema in Melzo, it was opened in 1997 and equipped with one of the The largest and most technologically advanced cinema screens in the world. To prove its importance, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini will be cutting the ribbon this evening.

“We are delighted with the opening of the new Arcadia Stezzano within Le Due Torri shopping centre, a structure designed in collaboration with architect Benjamin Feldtkeller – explained Fumagalli -. The new multiplier will present the latest developments in the sector, ensuring the highest levels of technology and continuing cooperation with technology leaders such as Meyer Sound, Christie and Dolby, who have always supported Arcadia, and therefore have the opportunity to be informed of the latest news on the front end of picture and sound quality. ”

In this context, the national premiere of Freaks Out will be presented to a private audience, in the presence of author and director Gabriel Mainetti and actor Claudio Santamaria. The film represents the largest investment of Italian cinema in recent decades, a pollution of genres that unanimously convinced critics and audiences at the Venice Film Festival.

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