Lazio official in the White Zone from Monday 14 June: what will change

RomeFrom Monday 14 June, Lazio will be in the White Zone, with the new rules coming into effect. The decision came after the good data collected regarding Covid infection, by the numbers Less than 50 cases per 100,000 residents for 3 consecutive weeks.

Lazio in the white, that’s what’s changing

The most important change with the transition from yellow to white is End of curfew: no mandatory return home by midnight. Therefore, night flights are allowed one week before the official date set by the decree, which is June 21. The rules also change in restaurants and bars: there is no limit to 4 people at a table, now the limit will be 6 inside while there will be no limit outside. Indoor swimming pools, wellness centers, amusement parks, exhibitions, conferences, conventions and festivals are reopening. Also partial reopening of discos, only for bar service and restaurants. The possibility of dancing on the dance floor has not yet been announced. However, some yellow zone rules remain likeMandatory use of a mask, social distancing and prohibition of gathering. The Guidelines for reopening businesses, with Sanitation, indoor ventilation and respect for social distancing.

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