Lawyer forgets the filter in Zoom, and a video conference judge sees it as a talking cat

A Texas lawyer inadvertently left a candidate on Zoom during a videoconference with a judge, and it instantly went viral on the Internet. The video shows contact with digital cats, frightened, repeating “I’m not a cat,” “I’m alive, real” and making it clear that he doesn’t know how to get out of this embarrassing situation.

Playing with children sometimes happens with similar tools, and not everyone notices that they left the previous settings behind when Zoom for work started. Video conferencing was now commonplace across all workplaces, Guardian comments, exhilarating involuntary injuries ubiquitous, such as those involved, and others that were extremely dangerous for those who cared to keep their jobs.

Attorney Rod Bunton’s accidental transformation into a big-eyed talking cat apparently caused a huge surprise in Circuit Judge No. 349 Roy Ferguson, who commented, “I suppose you’ve left a video filter on, maybe. Want … try to remove it?” “

The poor lawyer replied, “I don’t know how to do that, do we want to continue like this?”

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