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The beautiful showgirl has suffered from many health problems, but one in particular could put her life at risk. Here’s what happened.

A Sicilian but adoptive Tuscan, Laura Torrisi landed the entertainment world by participating in Miss Italia in 1998. Then as a competitor to Big brother In 2006. Famous for her beauty Leonardo PeraccioneAfter studying acting, after studying acting, he appears in the movie “beautiful wife” , By the same Tuscan director. Love is born between the two and they married in 2007, only to have a daughter whom they called in 2010 Martina. The relationship does not last long, however, it ended abruptly in 2014 but the two managed to maintain good relations.

Laura Torrici

A very charming woman, Laura has always had a very animated love life. At the end of 2019 there was talk of him courting the singer helloBut the rumors have not been confirmed. After Leonardo Perraccione, Laura was in a relationship in 2017 with the rally driver Luca Petit, but without following him. In the meantime I’ve grown as an actress NS Participation in other films such as “Sharm El Sheikh – an unforgettable summerTV series,The three roses Eva (4th season) “Women’s Beauty… A few years later” and the movies.without“NS”religion without return“.

The grave danger that Laura escaped, except with a hair

But Laura’s life wasn’t always easy. Many times he had to deal with episodes that were also very risky. I recently underwent an emergency operation due toEndometrialA pathology that has haunted her for years. Then there was the discovery, belatedly, in his thirties, of suffering celiac disease. Previously, her digestive issues were related to very high sensitivity but she only really discovered the disease when she went to the doctor why You cannot get pregnant.

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However, the real danger passed when she was still very young. In fact, when she was only 9 months old, Laura had very serious health issues, many of them Get into a coma. According to Catania Hospital doctors, she was one Allergic reaction to milk Very strong . Today, Laura is doing better and trying to live a normal life despite her medical problems. She must be very careful about the food you eat and her intolerance to the food. It is a condition that she has managed, however, with great calm thanks to the support of her family and daughter.

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