Laura Robson retired at the age of 28

More than the Italic Forum, it was the tilted furnace, between heat exhaustion, ocean congestion, disease and a guaranteed heatwave. Not even to speak of shade and the poor spectators had to do it through their shores a few meters from the grass near the padel fields. Speaking of promoter and Padel, it is true that the Internationals are traveling towards the super1000 upgrade but Angelino VI no longer cares about even the fifth slam designation. “Rome will be Wimbledon Badil”: warn the queen That next year we will have to organize a weekend in Rome, and instead we will have to reject Pope Francis at the awards ceremony.

There’s a little kidding about it anyway, Rome remains the best tournament in the world, not to mention when it’s not raining, so much so that even the roof of the power plant appears to be on the verge of bearing the same benefit and the same number of later discarded projects as the bridge over the Strait of Messina. The charm of the statues, the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita, and the smell of bad pork are things no one in the world can offer, as well as the non-stop parking at Lugotevere or the two-hour lines to get a bottle of water.
What’s now the Roman audience polish: Yes, someone still whistled against blue gladiators (a trifle compared to Banata’s times), but most of them now have a good touch. “No, I don’t get tickets from the middle. What do I do with Djokovic and Nadal? The grandstand is better, you can see it up close and the matches are more exciting.” “I’ll tell you, the ground is better for the first few days, you can see how Broxby hits and Jabber spins.”

But let’s touch on the issues related to the small sport that interest us most (when we have to take care of Padel, we will turn to horse racing). Yannick Sener (7) He finally understood what was his biggest mistake: not to be the karaz and above all being ‘older than him’. The exploits of the All-Seas-and-Mountain phenomenon, who now came close to breaking the record of 21 strongman championships and ripping any other record, overshadowed the exploits of Jannik, who is now relegated to the role of a supporting actor. Twelve out of twelve defeats in front of the top five is proof that our defeat is a hoax, that he will never win anything, that he will be a supporting actor, but in the end Yannick is not a winning Italian, he is the usual loser German.

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Novak Djokovic (9) He’s back to win, he’s made his excellent Italian, back screaming Bellini and Paris has his natural favourite. The bad news for the younger generation is that Stefan Djokovic began following in his father’s footsteps, playing his first tournament at the age of seven.: Records indicate that he won, beating Swiss twins, such as Leo and Lennart, in the semi-finals and then in the final, by eliminating two match points.
In the absence of the future ruler of all stadiums, the king of ancient Rome Rafa Nadal (6) He had to succumb to the diseases of the times: who knows whether the sun and the heat of the Porte d’Auteuil will work a new miracle. Meanwhile the poor Stefanos Tsitsipas (8) He dreamed of making Rome a Greek colony and instead bumped into a group in the final and then failed to extend the match to the third.

Among women now in the era Iga Sweatk (10) Knows no bounds: 5 consecutive championships, 28 consecutive wins and an embarrassing technical superiority. Appearances in Paris seem booked, but who knows, surprises are always around the corner. But Rome discovered class and kindness Anas Jaber (9), Arrived a little ‘cooked in the final, after the marathon and the victory of Madrid, the lady is always smiling and available with the children on the sidelines.

No matter the sinner, it wasn’t the Azzurri’s Unforgettable Tournament. With Berrettini and Musetti stopping to dig, The wildcard platoon coming from competitions was hopelessly eliminated in the first contacts with tennis of a certain levelAmong the girls, we didn’t even pick up a group. Fortunately, “Cicchi” Fognini and Bolelli did well in the doubles, surrendering in the semi-finals but laying the foundations for a stage in Turin at the end of the season. But don’t despair, tennis is now behind us, the future is Padel and us, Roma captain Mundi, Wimbledon Padel is waiting for you…

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