Launch remote monitoring of complex patients

A regional telemedicine project is underway in the health homes of Rocca San Cassiano, Modigliana and Predabio in the Forli region. Complicated patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure and BPCO, i.e. Chronic obstructive pulmonary), In the context of her assumption of a general practitioner and an outpatient nurse for chronic diseases and preceded special training for all concerned professionals.

“Each patient recruited into the initiative is provided with a toolkit that allows measuring weight, heart rate, pressure, oxygen saturation level, and motor activity level – explains Laura Tidalde, Regulatory Director of Forli County Health Role -. The data is sent by the patient himself, according to a schedule ( Individual Care Plan) shared with the Casa della Salute reference team, to a control center, using special software provided by the area.

Tidaldi concludes, “The nurse will verify the incoming data and contact the GP and the patient if more information is needed.” “Once the initial trial is complete – with the notification of Stefano Boni, District Director for Forli – up to fifteen patients can be monitored per health center.”

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