Latest news of Ukraine. The Pentagon is handing over to Kyiv the same air defense used for the White House

Gb, the Crimean bridge will be fully operational only in September 2023

The bridge is not possible Crimea Fully operational, at least until September 2023: the British Ministry of Defense wrote in its daily intelligence update on the situation in the country. The report, posted on Twitter, indicates that the bridge, which was partially destroyed on October 8, had to be closed yesterday to allow for the installation of an alternative space of 64 metres. He adds that three more extensions will be needed to replace damaged sections of the road.

Although the Crimean authorities have said that these additional extensions will be installed by December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a briefing that work on the other route will disrupt road traffic until March 2023. The damaged railway section is expected to be completed By next September, although the Russian Deputy Prime Minister said that time will be accelerated.

There is only one active route, but rail transport is still limited. The attack on the bridge disrupted Russian logistical supplies to Crimea and Ukraine Further south, limiting Russia’s ability to move military equipment and troops into the region, the report concludes by commenting that damage to the bridge, the recent attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, and a possible withdrawal from Kherson complicate Moscow’s ability to present a picture. for military success.

Crimean Bridge conditions and traffic days after the attack
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