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Novak Djokovic in the US Open? it does not seem so. The question is about the semantics of the phrase popular in late summer for tennis fans and others. As is known, the position of the original Belgrade sample with regard to vaccination against Covid is clear and the results should not differ from those discussed in recent weeks: Not being able to be in the US and play the last Grand Slam of the season (August 29-September 11).

To prove it, there are some “clues”. First of all, the Center for Disease Control From the United States has announced that Unvaccinated people will follow the same vaccination requirements and there will be no differences in treatment in this regard. However, there was doubt as to whether this change of course also affected individuals from outside, such as Nol.

about this, The statement of the US slam organizers may have already given an answer. The reference is For ticket holders: “Those with valid US Open tickets are not required to show proof of Covid vaccination in order to enter the facility. However, travelers from abroad will need to be vaccinated regularly to enter the United States and attend matches“. A note published on the official website of the tournament Which follows the indicator I prepared Center for Disease Control of difference Approach between US citizens and citizens from abroad.

2022 US Open, Rafael Nadal can capitalize on Djokovic’s absence: the hunt for the No. 23 and No. 1 slam in the ATP rankings

The other ‘proof’ comes from Event promotional banner there The Serbian tennis player does not appearthe finalists last year, on the contrary, they are good at evidence Daniel Medvedev (winner in 2021), Rafael Nadal, rising star Carlos Alcaraz, Nick Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Who will play his last tournament before his competitive retirement.

All that remains is to wait for the official decorations, but everything indicates that Djokovic will not be there.

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