Landlords in Germany and thieves rob his house: even autoclaves are stolen from him

Maybe they knew. They may also have studied the movements and checks made by the owner’s sister in that house. And they took advantage of it. Someone, without being seen or heard, managed to sneak – after forcing the entrance door – into the building in Via Jubilio in the year 2000 and take whatever was there to take possession of it. The damage to the house, owned by a 62-year-old man from Groot and residing in Germany, was estimated at €5,000. In fact, the “house thieves” managed to seize household appliances, sterilizers, and work tools. And they did so, apparently, without leaving any trace of their passage through that house. The discovery is made by the owner’s sister, who lives in the Grotte, and who occasionally goes to inspect the vacant house.

A complaint was made, for theft, to the Carabinieri station in Grotte who immediately began investigations to try to determine, or at least collect clues, who had acted in that house which had been left temporarily unoccupied. They do not filter indiscretions in connection with the investigation.

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