Lancia debuts Pu + Ra Zero stylistic language for new models (including Delta)

The primary source of inspiration is the 1957 logo, first introduced on the Lancia Flaminia: very classic in its aesthetics, in which elements of simplicity, graphic purity and preciousness are combined, in terms of colours, materials and treatments. And the new Lancia logo is Progressive Classic, reinterpreting all the distinctive elements of the historic brand, the steering wheel, flag, shield, spear and lettering, but reinterpreting them to make them modern and projecting them into the future with great ambition. All of these building blocks of the brand are symbols of nobility and heritage. The Lancia lettering is also new in an original font, which takes its inspiration from one of the Italian franchises most associated with the brand’s history and fashion and “signs” the future of the brand to make it desirable, enduring and always contemporary.

Made of aluminum and expressive of the brand’s new graphic symbols, the new logo is “wrapped in light” and is the result of technologies used not only in the automotive world but also in very different areas, as evidenced by the typical round brush on the dial.

Lancia, pictures of the statue that anticipates the future

Lancia, pictures of the statue that anticipates the future

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Lancia Pu + Ra: the brand’s new design language

Born from the collisions between the words “Puro” and “Radicale”, Lancia Pu + Ra is the name of the stylistic statement that anticipates the style vision that will characterize the next models of the brand starting with the Ypsilon in 2024 and then moving on to the flagship and arriving at an iconic vehicle of the brand, the expected Delta for the year 2028.

The silhouette is simple and unmistakable and incorporates the unique lines of Aurelia and Flaminia. While in the back, the return to the seventies is evident with those round headlights reminiscent of the timeless Lancia Stratos (created by the hand of “Nuccio” Bertone), the car that, together with the Lancia Delta, put the brand on the Olympus of competitions International.

The introduction of the Lancia Pu + Ra Zero features a reinterpretation of the historic Lancia grille, the cup, now projected into the future by three beams of light, to make it iconic and memorable. This new trophy will be present on the new Lancia cars, making them instantly recognizable, day and night. Above the cup is the new Lancia logo.

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