Lamezia, Priolo to the citizens of Rome in the municipality for funds to reclaim Scordovillo: “Amounts to be spent by December 31”

Lamezia Terme – A large delegation of Roma citizens went to the Town Hall in Via Perugini to obtain information about the planned €500,000 funding for the reclamation of the Scordofillo camp. The “concern” of the Roma, as the representatives declared, “is the rapid use of funds to improve living conditions, especially from the point of view of hygiene and social life.” At the local police operated and controlled by the local police, Governor Giuseppe Priolo received four representatives who explained the times and methods related to the use of the allocation of funds.

Personalization purpose

Priolo explained to the Roma the purpose of allocating the Ministry of the Interior. “These are interventions for environmental recovery and social inclusion. It is clear – as Priollo said – an urgent intervention that can make it possible to deal with urgent emergencies and then prepare the subsequent planning for the evacuation of the camp.” Priollo specified that with regard to eviction “there is a complete procedure that provides for the rearrangement of the families that are inside the camp.”

Families, in essence, that cannot be moved suddenly or through coercive measures. ‘In these aspects there is the commitment of institutions.’ Priollo spoke of “the agreement with the Regional Environmental Adviser and the Acting President of the District, to define some social inclusion projects for the benefit of minors, and the fight against early school leaving” through meetings that could be held in the district or also the municipality. In addition, the commissioner emphasized that “a representative or representatives of the Roma community and representatives of the Committee of Active Smokers of Roma Citizens will be sent to these meetings called by the territory.” Meetings in which the Governorate Committee participates “in the spirit of achieving the gradual elimination of the Roma camp.” Currently, the urgent need is the reclamation of the field and “the investigations of the judiciary that will determine whether there are more substantial reclamations than those that have already begun.” Moreover, analyzes will be carried out that will be used to check “whether there is soil contamination in the interior and this presupposes more substantial and more costly interventions”.

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The program for the use of 500,000 euros at the end of the month. Submit reports by December 31, 2021

In this short time related to the attendance of the prefectural commissioners, Priollo said that “our commitment is to continue on this path and we will make an organic program for the use of 500,000 euros by the end of the month. Also because at the moment it is expected to be used and reported by December 31, 2021.” However, at the moment, this is a stated amount and a change in the budget is required for its use, taking into account the purpose of the allocation, including “strengthening surveillance activities through the local police and through video surveillance”.

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