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Half a mile at 407 km/h. Drag racing has a new record to set, and once again it belongs to the Lamborghini Gallardo. In fact, it’s a further improvement on what was the record set by the same del Toro supercar a few years ago. It was signed by Jedi Shamdy, the well-known face of the US racing world who tuned his Gallardo thanks to the sponsorship of Underground Racing experts who brought the Sant’Agata Bolognese to 3,000 horsepower.

It was 2016 and Shamdi had set a half-mile record for a Gallardo clocking 392 km/h. The top speed was really impressed but that hasn’t stopped the attempts of other riders in recent years. Another del Toro supercar owner recently announced that he is ready to chase this record. At that point, Shamdy decided to update his Gallardo again, with a new powertrain, and once again go down the asphalt at the Shift event a few weeks ago in Texas in search of a new record.

During the first race of the day, Shamdi drove his Gallardo for over half a mile at 388 km/h. Not satisfied, he performed a second test at 401 km / h. However, for the owner of the supercar del Toro, this was not enough, so he decided to conduct other heats, reaching a top speed of 402 km / h, and then finally 405 km / h. To make the result achieved in the various tests even more impressive, there is also the choice of tires: for drag racing, road-based Toyo R888Rs were used and not specific radial traction tires. The Lamborghini Gallardo thus effectively enters a small circle of supercars exceeding 400 km/h, including the Huracán and R8 twin-turbo models also developed in this case by Underground Racing.

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