Lamborghini, everything changes: here is a tribute to the aspirants | Super Engine Retire

With the Aventador Ultimae, Lamborghini changed everything: here is a tribute to ambition and the super engine retires, definitively shutting down production of the aspirated V12 engines.

Lamborghini changed everything: here is a tribute to the aspirants

The next model, which will be launched next year and whose name is still unknown, will be The first V12 engine with hybrid technologyalso opening Lamborghini, eraHybrid electrification. This means moving away from the ten-year tradition and opening up to the new age of engines.

Since birth, All engines produced And they rode on their cars, they always had V12 . Hash (V engine with 12 cylinders). He was one of the fathers of designers Giotto Pizzarini Who designed the first 3.5L version installed on 350 GT. Over the years this engine will undergo a strong development and will be installed on the wonderful Miura and Kontach.

With the following model, era Diabloalways with classic V12 engines and also ushering in an appearance Four-wheel driveEffectively open the sports period designed with a modern switch.

Lamborghini Diablo with 5.7 liter V12 engine

The birth of Diablo began in the mid-1980s, with the first projects being named 132And after a period of development and tuning, where the great rally driver Sandro Munari will also collaborate, it will be For sale since 1990. The first version had a file 5.7 liter V12 engine with 492 hp of power and rear drive.

In the 1993 The VT variable (which will determine the integrated tractors), the first model with all-wheel drive with a central viscous joint. This version has been developed in 150 copies 530 hpwhich with the Jota group can go up to 604. Neil 1995 come out there A new version of the Diablo, called the SV, with 517 hp V12, also surrounded by a VT Roadster with a sunroof. For more The Diablo is restyling in 1999with an engine developed and brought to 536 hp.

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Lamborghini changes everything and revives the Diablo

In the 1998 Diablo Developed further with GT model, V12 engine up to 6.0 liters of displacement, capable of generating 575 hpBack to back only.

The GT model was produced in only 80 units and also began to use carbon fiber for many of the car’s components, and was also produced in a VT 6.0 version with all-wheel drive and 557 hp. The newest Diablo model from 2001with the production of a limited series called VT 6.0 SE, produced in 42 models.

With this version, Lamborghini closes out the Diablo era, which ran from 1990 to 2001, with a total of 2,903 units produced, all of which are impressive and iconic.

The future after Diablo

After Diablo decides it increase displacement From the engines, bring it to 6.5 liter with V12 . engine. This engine is installed on Murcielago and on Aventador Thus it comes to our days.

Lamborghini has changed everything here is a tribute to the aspirants

In the next 2023And the The Aventador will be replaced by a new V12 hybrid modelFor now, no further details have been provided by the house and we look forward to future announcements from the house of Emilian.

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