Lamborghini Countach, the movie version becomes an American icon

In recent days, we’ve been reading ads for the Countach’s return, in the form of a limited edition supercar very exclusive How expensive it is. The same qualities that distinguished the first model introduced in 1971, which immediately became an icon on a cultural level as well. This is evidenced by the latest news coming from the United States, where there is a “Lambo” I like a lot always.

The National Historic Vehicle Register for English Speakers is included in its short edition except Catalog of the Lamborghini Countach seen in ‘America’s craziest race’. This means that the car, in the version seen in the movie, has become a monument let’s admire Along with many other vehicles that marked the history of the United States. It will be shown in Whashington starting next month, in the unmistakable and much-appreciated black, along with female crew, in the 1981 movie.

For those who don’t remember the movie, which was originally called Cannonball Run, it represented one of the greatest successes of the time in the field. Comedy / Action. The movie is based on famous competitions coast to coast Popular at the time (and still imitated today) by encountering pilots and machines that were nothing short of extravagant. In the actors there were well-known names such as Roger Moore and Burt Reynolds But of course the cars were dominant, starting with the Countach.

The latter was a 1979 model imported into the US in a “semi-legal” manner for exclusive use in the film, then Modified in different aspects. Most noticeable is the additional spoiler in the front (practically useless, but it makes a scene) along with additional lights and a repainted interior. The car was so important to production that it actually appeared At the beginning of the movieIn one of the most famous scenes. In the following years, it remained in the imagination of car and movie enthusiasts, to the point that it is still very popular today.

Although it is stronger, faster and more modern, barely The new generation will be able to collect the same acclaim as the original Kontach. Unless it has been featured in some hit movie, music video, or other production. But times have also changed for supercars: today Whole Elements (thanks to stratospheric costs) And no more regularly running cars on the road.

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