Ladies Heaven 7, will Vito go to Australia without Maria?

Ladies Heaven 7, will Vito go to Australia without Maria?

In this article you will find references to previews of the collection of episodes 146-150 of Season 7. Thus, if you have not read them and / or do not intend to do so, we warn you: Spoiler alert! Read on if you don’t want to know what happens in the next episodes of Ladies paradise 7. no Ladies paradise 7And Will Vito go to Australia without Maria?

The Paradise of the 7 Ladies, will Vito ditch Australia to be with Maria?

In previews for episode 146-15o of Season 7, A.J New earthquake for the couple Vito Maria. Indeed, after a lifetime of waiting for her, Vito can finally be with the woman he loves. However, he has gone months without telling her the truth. She pays the consequences when she learns everything thanks to Francesco’s intervention. Now there is another dilemma. on one side, Maria receives an offer Become the new stylist in ladies’ paradisee, on the other hand, Vito dreams of spending his whole life with the girl in Australia. If we were him, we’d consider going to the other side of the world without Pugliese. no Ladies’ paradise 7, Vito May ditches Australia to be with Maria and leave. Maria doesn’t know anything yet, because her choice to accept a new proposal from the Director prevents Lamantia (again!!!). There are other ways open…

Il Paradiso delle Signore 7, will Vito convince Maria to leave with him?

Elia Tedesco (Vito Lamantia) in a scene from episode 138 of the
Elia Tedesco (Vito Lamantia) in a scene from Episode 138 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Ray

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Let’s go back to Episode 43 of Season 7: Doesn’t it feel like deja vu? Armando scolds Vito. It doesn’t seem like the right time yet To announce himself to Mary. For now he is content to see her happy. Buying this brooch was a small investment. “Women are not won by money, but by purity of heart: Armando speaks to him as a father (which he is not). Vito can’t risk losing Maria. At some point you will have to zap.

Vito asks Maria how the preparations for her outfit are going. Puglisi told him of Armando’s surprise:Just a sensitive guy like himHe could have made a gesture like that. There are few men left with such a pure heart… It’s not over yet for Maria and Vito. The future is written.

In our opinion, they are not going to leave each other – for now – Maria will stay in Milan. We’re more unsure about Vito leaving, for example, for a little while.

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