Lack of news is exactly what Square Enix – wants

The new generation of consoles will come with high level multiplayer games. PS5In particular, it has already promised its fans some blockbuster third-party movies. Example? Final Fantasy 16, Who appeared in September 2020 for the first time and (for now) the last time. It’s been about five months now and nothing new has been mentioned about the long-awaited RPG. over there Lack of grandmotherHowever, it is true What do you want Square Enix.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Square Enix producer and saga veteran Naoki Yoshida said so The news in Final Fantasy 16 was intentionally limited. Why? “We don’t want to say anything general or incomplete and cause speculation about the game. What interests every Final Fantasy fan varies a lot. Each fan has their favorite style.” In other words, presenting the work in an incomplete manner only risks starting speculation about what the game will look like and fans may be disappointed by not finding what they imagined.

Yoshida is not all wrong. The story has changed in various ways over the years, and fans are always ready for criticism, often in an intense way. Introducing Final Fantasy 16 for a short time could be harmful to both Square Enix and gamers. Yoshida stated that the aim is to show what exactly it is and explain why he is waiting for the next chapter of the saga.

Although it is an understandable and shareable advertising strategy, it’s impossible not to hope that Square Enix brings something new soon. For the time being, we got a vague promise of news on this topic during 2021. At least we had the opportunity to find out who the heroes are and a lot of other information from the official Italian website.

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Final Fantasy 16: Square Enix video game heroes
Final Fantasy 16: Square Enix video game heroes

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