Laboratory medicine: young Italian scientists are heroes of Olab Day 2022

Go out into the open, leaving the “behind the scenes” of the laboratory to show everyone, including citizens and institutions, how important and strategic the mission of those who practice laboratory medicine is. This is the message of the Italian statement that was launched on the occasion of participation in the The first European Day of Laboratory Medicine (EuLabDay) It is promoted by EFLM (European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine).

The central role of laboratory medicine

With more than 850 members, the young researchers of SIBioC (Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine) represent the new working group – also operating at European level – of a medical specialty in continuous development and which is finally recognized for the importance it deserves in medical decisions. “We come out from behind the scenes,” he explains Claire Borichelli Medical specialist and author of the Italian statement. “We are gathering a stick of many years of ‘hidden’ work to confirm the central role of laboratory medicine in all clinical diagnostic pathways.”

November dates

November is full of appointments for this medical specialty: from the first EuLabDay, to the National Precision Medicine Plan development day, to the webinar organized by the young scientists of the IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) of which SiBioC is a part, about liquid biopsy and the future of biopsy Oncology profile. Without forgetting that our country will host the next World Congress of Laboratory Medicine, which will be held in Rome in May 2023. “Italy asserts itself at the forefront of laboratory medicine – says the President of SIBioC, Tommaso Trinti. Our scientific community, recognized at the European and international level, includes experts in various branches of laboratory medicine, such as biochemistry, hematology, immunology, chemical pharmacology, and statistics: all highly specialized personalities and recognized champions in ensuring a better service to citizens.

About open days in clinical laboratories

Faced with the revolution in omics sciences (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) that is changing the world of clinical analytics, a path begins that from simple data searching will lead to open days in NHS laboratories. We are ready to go behind the scenes, accompanying the patient on the course of treatment. We no longer provide just a simple report but vital diagnostic information for all medical specialties” notes Claudia Bellini, Medical Director of the Analytical Laboratory at Grosseto Hospital (OSL Tuscany Sudest). “We want to reveal the potential and magic of laboratory medicine that is often unknown to the healthcare world. And patients but also for clinicians – continues Laura Scacovelli, former President of SIBioC – so that schools of clinical pathology, clinical biochemistry, microbiology and virology increasingly become attractions for young doctors and the importance of the role of laboratory medicine in the context of clinical decision-making and in the educational courses of medical schools It is increasingly emphasized.

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