Koronovius: Very close to closing Mykonos and Ios

A move from Mykonos and Ios’ new measures – the call for sincere adherence to the measures and six other popular islands – is a very positive sign in Paros, Tinos, Rethymno and Santorini.

A significant increase in the epidemic burden is observed, with trends increasing steadily over the past 10 days in Mykonos and Ios, but also in Zakynthos, Tinos, Lefkada, Santorini, Paros and Rhodes, as reported in a coronavirus briefing today at the Ministry of Health, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos HardaliaProfessor of pediatric infectious diseases Member of the expert committee I’m Papivangelo And assistant professor of epidemiology Member of the expert committee Jica Majorkini.

The briefing was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Health Vassilis KontozamanesTo answer questions about the health system.

Their epidemiological profile is cause for concern and that’s why Mr. Hardelis took over. We ask for sincere compliance with the procedures followed also on these islands, as any additional burden or dissemination will inevitably lead to the need for local transmission measures, adding that the epidemiological picture of Zante, Tinos, Leucade, Santorini, Paros and Rudy cause anxiety.

Today, EODY announced 2,696 new cases., said Vanna Papaifangelo at first, but until then no EODY announcement had been made

“The epidemiological burden in the region is relatively stable but remains at high levels,” said Ms. Papifangelo.

The average number of cases over the past seven days is 2,074 per day. The index of positivity in laboratory tests performed in health care facilities remains stable. Papaevangelou: The positivity index is high in Paros, Mykonos, Tinos, Rethymno and Santorini.

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According to EODY data regarding tests conducted in the week of July 19-25, The positivity index reached 3.26% in the regionWhereas in regions where the epidemic burden is increasing, the burden is much higher.

At the same time, the professor stressed the importance of conducting it Self-examination by unvaccinated citizensThis is not a punitive measure, but a public health tool.

Vana Papifangelo explained about the cases that were imported through tourism It’s a very small percentage, which is estimated at less than 1 percent, because those who visit our country are usually vaccinated and tested for the virus.

The average age of cases is still 25 yearsWhile there is a decrease in cases of young people under the age of 34. Last week, about 2,500 thousand of our compatriots fell ill, most of whom are not immune, over the age of 40.

“We are well aware that about 10% of them will have to be hospitalized next week or the next,” he said.

social gatheringsIn the context of entertainment, according to data generated by Tracking and EODY, The main exposure at an early age Ms Papaevangelou explained that while contact with work and family is the main exposure for older people, adding in particular with regard to family dispersal that this is usually observed after contact with a family member by another younger member returning from conflict. 25% more patients are in the intensive care unit

for every 25% increase in admissions of coronavirus patients to intensive careLast week, epidemiologist Gikas Majorkinis spoke during information on the course of the coronary artery pandemic in the country.

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At the same time, we are seeing an increase in the number of new patients with coronary heart disease hospitalized, which is estimated at more than 150 in the past few days.

In any case it was noticed 28% discount, In patients who terminate the virus. (about 6 a day).

The epidemic appeared in Europe Clear evidence of stability and a seemingly slight shrinkage of 5% The epidemiologist said the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark are showing significant improvement over the course of the outbreak, while we are seeing a significant deterioration in France and Italy.

In Greece, based on data published by EODY last week, the total number of diagnoses in the territory showed signs of stabilization and a very slight decrease.

On the other hand, the pressure on the health care system has shown signs of a significant increase. Hardelis: which areas rise to “red”

Nikos Hardalias

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, presented the epidemiological picture of Greece during a briefing on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

the epidemiological map Update after today’s meeting of the Infectious Diseases Committee:

– Territorial units in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Kozani, Florina, Boeteia, Evia, Messinia and Tinos were settled and transferred to Portokali (level 3).

– The municipalities of Spetses, Paxos and Chios have been upgraded to Orange (level 3).

– Upgrading of regional units in Kastoria, Xanthi and Arta and changing to yellow (level 2).

– Municipalities of Agistri, Lemnos, Eastern Samo, Western Samo, Amorgos, Astypalea, Karpathos, Megisti, Patmos and Symi, the level rises and turns yellow (level 2).

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– The municipalities of Leros, Milos and Sifnos decrease the level and turn yellow (level 2).

– Territorial units are located in Ioannina and Grevina and have been moved to Yellow Level (Level 2).

– The municipalities of Alonissos, Kimolos, Lipsi and Skyros are located on one floor and have been moved to Brassino (level 1). One step before Mykonos closes, Ios – 6 more islands in the “red”

One of the steps before local measures are taken to reduce transmission, such as those imposed 15 days ago in Mykonos, is Ios and Mykonos, which the Committee of Epidemiologists has put under increased surveillance, Hardalias said.

Mr Hardelis urged local authorities, visitors and monitoring mechanisms to carefully observe personal protection measures and work rules, especially in high-colour areas. He also announced that controls in these areas will continue at a very intense pace while strengthening oversight mechanisms.

Source: thetoc.gr

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