Konami will reveal the future of the series firsthand, here is the date and time –

Looks like it’s finally time to reveal the next game in the series the silent Hill. Konami A few minutes ago he announced on Twitter a scheduled live broadcast of 23:00 Italian time on Wednesday 19 OctoberIn which he will reveal “the latest Silent Hill news”.

The live broadcast will be visible on the new Silent Hill teaser site that opened for the occasion, which you can access from this is the address. We assume that the live broadcast will also be available on more traditional channels such as YouTube and Twitch, but at the moment there is no confirmation on that.

“In your turbulent dreams, do you see that city?” This is the message included in Konami’s tweet.

At the moment, no further details have been revealed about what will be shown during Konami’s live broadcast, but it is clear that the most reasonable hypothesis is that the occasion will eventually be announced. new game From the Silent Hill series, if not more than one.

In fact, Christoph Ganz, the director of the first Silent Hill movie, recently said, based on his connections at Konami, that more games in the series are in the pipeline.

At the end of September, the Korean rating board also ranked the mysterious Silent Hill: Short Message, which according to well-known insider Dusk Golem is a free demo that will serve as a teaser for the next main chapter of the series. Dusk Golem has also revealed that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is in the works.

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To see what Konami has in store anyway, it’s just a matter of waiting a few days. We remind you that the appointment is set at 23:00 Italian on Wednesday 19 October.

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