Konami shuts down? Announcing internal restructuring, let’s be clear

In these hours the news that he would like is traded Konami is about to close its doors After dismantling three internal partitions. Exciting headlines appear on forums and websites, but what is the truth of this story? Is Konami Already Closed?

Everything starts from Document published by Konami January 15 H. Related to some internal changes Valid from February 1. These include changes at the top with Hideki Hayakawa in the role of CEO and Shoji Dewa who became the company’s CEO.

However, that is not something to be worried about, like the last item in the document that talks about one Internal reorganization with the closure of three offices: Production division 1, production division 2 and production division 3, these teams will be permanently closed on February 1, and therefore no longer exist.

Obviously, this does not mean that Konami will close its doors It will stop producing video games, since the company has studios and other in-house teams, although the exact details of these aren’t quite clear yet.

No mention of PES Productions, the studio behind the eFootball PES series and is currently operating eFootball PES 2022. Will this be the only strategic asset that will remain active at Konami in terms of video game production for home consoles? Difficult to say, we certainly repeat, Konami will not close on February 1st.

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