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Finding your cat after losing it is not easy, but if eight years have passed, this is a true miracle. What happened to Monica Ferrini, a musician from Faenza who N.In 2012 he lost his influence on the cat he had been living with for 12 years. The unthinkable happened last week: Thanks to Rifugio del Cane Enpa Faenza, the cat, now elderly and blind, was able to reunite with its owner.

Monica Ferrini met Mandarino in 2000, after seeing him in a country cottage from friends. Cats had the nature of an explorer from an early age: although the woman allowed him to roam the garden, he always tried to escape. In 2012, he went out on a November day and never came back. It was pointless to search for him with flyers, advertisements in local newspapers, posts on social media, word of mouth: no one was able to give news about Mandarino, who did not have an electronic chip.

Eight years and two months later, an old cat is found on a street across town from Monica’s home. Some passersby took him to the local Enpa, who entrusted him to the veterinarians for the necessary checks. Unfortunately, he was hypothermic, dehydrated and extremely skinny – Maria Teresa Ravioli, president of Rifugio del Cane Enpa Faenza, explains to Corriere – after examining the tests, he was completely blind, but responded well to treatments.

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The Pictures of the animal were posted on the Facebook page The Faenza League, and when Monica saw them, she immediately recognized that cat as Mandarin. I instantly recognized Mandarin from the pictures, although many years have passed. Then I called the association so I could meet him, explains Ms. Verini. It was not difficult to explain that it was the cat who disappeared in 2012: shortly before her disappearance, Mandarino was the victim of a bad accident, from which he came out shattered: he lost his eye and suffered fractures of his nose and palate, Monica continues. Evidence of the signs of the accident could have been found, but what was categorically convinced was the animal’s behavior: The woman who found the cat on the street said that when she picked it up, the animal struggled to put its paws around her neck and began pecking her chin with its head. President Ravioli explains a certain behavior, which also had Mandarin.

The moment of recognition was very emotional: Once the crazy cat heard my voice and started looking for me – says Monica – now at home, spoiled and spoiled. His health conditions are tough and he is now 21 years old, but at least we can give him some love back. The woman did not completely lose hope: in the meantime she adopted four kittens and when the last kittens arrived I said, “If the Mandarin comes back, where will I put the fifth?” Many replied that much time has passed. But instead, thanks to the hearts of those who gathered it, we now find ourselves. If there were more people like these, we’d probably hear stories like this a lot.

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