Kirby Smart shares insights on Gus Malzahn, and SEC training changes

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How does the opening of Auburn affect football in Georgia

In a year when many believed we wouldn’t see much training change due to the economic hardships posed by the pandemic, three of Georgia’s annual opponents came forward and made changes to training.

South Carolina went first, shooting Will Muschamp and replacing him with Shane Bimmer. Vanderbilt went next, as she split from Derek Mason. On Monday, the Commodores appointed Notre Dame Clark Leah’s defense coordinator as the next coach.

Leah is a Vanderbilt graduate, while Bemer spent time on staff coaching in South Carolina while working under Steve Spurier. Both of these jobs felt like home to them.

Then there’s the Auburn Post, which opened on Sunday when the school announced it was splitting up with Joss Malzan. In his eight years at school, Malzahn went 68-35, won the SEC Championship and appeared in the National Championship match.

Although Malzahn fought against Auburn’s biggest enemy, being 0-12 on the road against Georgia, Alabama and LSU. Against the Bulldogs he was only 2-7 years old, and 1-5 since Kirby Smart became the Bulldogs head coach.

“I have a lot of respect for Gus. He has been a very good friend of mine for a long time.” He said, “I know that he and Christie will stand on their feet, and he will be successful in whatever he does.”

Malzahn is well compensated to go away, as the Tamil Tigers will pay him in full for his $ 21 million purchase. Half of this must be paid in the next 30 days.

By far, the Auburn Job is the largest ever positioned. Malzahn showed that Auburn is a place to win and recruit, as the Tigers landed in many of the Top 10 seasons during the Malzahn’s tenure.

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A handful of names have emerged as viable candidates, with Billy Napier from Lousiana-Lafeytte, Mario Cristobal from Oregon and Hugh Freeze being the outside candidates getting the most attention.

The leading internal name and the name it acquired Lots of momentum on MondayThe coordinator is Kevin Steele. He was appointed caretaker coach after Malzan was sacked and spent the past five years at Auburn. At the time, defense was much better than offense

No matter who Auburn ends up hiring, he’ll totally get into the pressure cooker as Malzan won 66 percent of his game and was told that wasn’t good enough anymore. Malzan sacked leaves Smart as the third longest running coach at the conference, behind Nick Saban and Mark Stopes.

“I think our profession, especially in the SEC and now the coaching profession as a whole, is getting tougher, tougher and more competitive as lottery prizes have risen to win and generate revenue through contracts and TV stuff,” Smart said. “It sets higher expectations.”

An example of a revenue increase is SEC’s latest TV deal with Disney / ESPN. The deal, which will start in the 2024 season, Annual conference compensation is expected to be $ 300 million. The conference is currently earning approximately $ 55 million from its current deal with CBS and ESPN.

Auburn and South Carolina were also ready to leave to relocate from Malzahn and Muschamp respectively. Malzahn will get $ 21M for not training at Auburn while Muschamp will get $ 15M.

Smart said, “In all areas, when you look at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it’s a conference that everyone wants to participate in so they can participate in it.” They understand the cruelty that this creates not only in the field, but in the recruiting world, trying to win. In hiring, trying to win on the lawn. “

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Auburn will want to move quickly to find his next coach, as Vanderbilt and South Carolina did. The early signature period is this week and potential clients will want to know the trainer and what the vision for the program is. Georgia has already beaten Auburn on horizons such as five-star full back Smael Mondon, 4-star corner players Kamari Lassiter and Nyland Green and 4-star offensive line Dylan Fairchild.

Tigers currently have Tier 43 Recruiting and 12 commitments at the moment. The uncertainty could mean a further drain on Auburn’s 2021 signature category.

We already saw some dominoes because of this decision, with 5-star fullback Terence Lewis issuing the finalists list on Monday. Auburn was widely expected to be on the list, but Lewis only named Maryland and Tennessee after Malzan changed training.

Add to that the fact that the players were not able to make visits to see these schools and this makes things more difficult for the new coaching team, as Auburn will do.

It’s very difficult for a recruiter, “said Louis Ceni, Georgia Safety. “Going on trips and traveling around coaches and players was something that had a huge impact on me at the end of the school I wanted to attend.”

Ben Cleveland, the Georgian offensive line man, possesses some knowledge of the effect of changing training on a recruiter, given that Georgia replaced Mark Richt with Smart while the now senior attacker was in the process of recruiting in the fall of 2015.

He stressed the importance of finding the right school and not the right trainer.

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“I didn’t come here for a specific person, rhyme, or reason. I came here because I fell in love with this place.” Just put your trust in this school and know they’ll hire the right people and I really think they did.

The success of the incoming Auburn coach against both Georgia and Alabama will likely go a long way in determining whether sacking Malzan was the right decision. If he’s the man for the job, Auburn will be able to win recruiting fights against Georgia, as Malzan did from time to time whether he was Derek Brown or Owen Papi.

And if they are able to win the conscription battles, that will make beating Georgia in the field a more manageable task.

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