Kirby and the Lost Land: Kirby’s simple but basic problem is revealed in 3D

In a recent interview published by IGN, Director Kirby and the Lost LandTatsuya Kamiyama, unveils a simple yet decisive one problem that developers faced to carry character in a three-dimensional context.

It’s not for nothing that the transitions of the full 3D series weren’t too many, considering that the main series basically saw permutations in “2.5D” keeping the classic structure but adopting 3D graphics technology, while the event Transitioning into a whole new type of 3D gameplay recently came with Kirby and Lost Land.

Obviously, the underlying problem is obvious but not entirely trivial: “When the answer is yes Spin the ballIt’s not easy, Kamiyama explained, to know exactly how much to turn. “Kirby has a simple, almost perfect spherical design, so it’s hard to tell which way he looks when looking at him from behind.”

“In terms of ranged attacks, the fact that a player can miss easily The direction in which the character is looking It’s a big deal. Kirby attacks by sucking and spitting enemies out, so if you miss it’s easy to suck something else in and it can be frustrating.”

Because of this, the developers on Kirby and Lost Land have adopted a semi-automatic targeting system that prioritizes certain enemies based on the hero’s movements and proximity, in an effort to make the system more accessible. Likewise, aiming for air-to-ground attacks is made much simpler because in this case it is more difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​which direction the protagonist is looking.

Nevertheless, the result looked very convincing, as also shown in our review of Kirby and the Lost Land.

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