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According to GfK data (physical only, not digital) Kirby and the Lost Land It’s a game Most successful From the series about United kingdomIt is one of the largest markets in Europe.

Information was shared by Christopher Dring, President of GamesIndustry.biz via Twitter. As you can see below, Dring wrote: “Kirby and the Lost Land is now the most successful Kirby series game in UK chart history (GfK physical sales).”

This is not a big surprise. Kirby and the Lost Land is not only a high quality game, it is also Nintendo Switch It is a hugely successful console and therefore there is a large audience willing to buy Kyoto games.

In our review, we explained to you that “our opinion about Kirby and Lost Land was already very positive even before The Last World began. The new Nintendo title is packed with content, sports an unusually diverse design, and is very long-lived by series standards, despite the simplicity that makes it Especially suitable for youngsters but also a carefree pastime for adults.We completed the game with great satisfaction, but when we discover that the story does not end at the end of the credits, and that there is still one to discover and play, we get to confirm that the new adventure of Pink Fluff is really one One of the best titles of her long career, and a path that we hope HAL will cover at least a little more before beginning its trials again.”

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