Kingdom Hearts 4 picked by Nomura instead of Verum Rex with Yozora –

During the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura He stated that he had not initially decided whether to do so Kingdom Hearts 4 Starring again Sora or A A project related to the world of Verum Rex He was seen in the third installment of the series.

As you probably know, Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced yesterday with a gameplay trailer, a new chapter set in the Quadratum, an alternate real-world inspired world where the protagonist is trapped in spite of himself.

During the 20th Anniversary event of the adventures of Sora, Goofy and Donald, Nomura explained that at first he was hesitant between two different projects, one of which was a game inspired by the universe of Verum Rex and therefore likely starring Yozoraa character who in some ways remembers Noctis of Final Fantasy Versus-XIII.

Kingdom Hearts 3, picture of Yozora
Kingdom Hearts 3, picture of Yozora

Then the game director realized that it was impossible to work on both games at the same time, and eventually chose to make the Kingdom Hearts 4 we saw working yesterday, driven by a desire to please the fans, eager to do so. I know the fate of Sora After the events of the third chapter.

However, Nomura might decide to bring a game idea on Verum Rex in the future or maybe Yozora somehow appears in Kingdom Hearts 4. To find out, we just have to wait.

To stay on topic, apparently in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 we see Star Wars AT-ST.

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