Kingdom Hearts 4 Announcement! Game trailer from the 20th Anniversary event

apparently, Player Theories since the end of the event organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Square Enix series, has Kingdom Hearts 4 announced!

The announcement was made through a trailer lasting more than three minutes projected by the logo lost master Arch, which puts the series behind the Xehanort saga. After an introduction to computer graphics, the work becomes focused On the actual gameplay, where Sora engages in a heated battle against a heartless giant in the middle of the city. The movie ends with a Kingdom Hearts 4 logo, a Donald Duck and Goofy curtain (and audio commentary), and a message that says “Magic in the making”who describes Video game in full development.

The trailer appears at the top of this piece of news, at the end of a presentation video that also features Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road news and the announcement of Kingdom Hearts Missing Link for iOS and Android devices. Square Enix unfortunately left us Without revealing basic information such as launch date and target platforms. Looking forward to more details, knowing that Kingdom Hearts 4 is a reality.

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