King Charles III sick? Worry about swollen fingers

There is a photo on the Internet that focuses on the hands, and better on the “sausage fingers” of the new king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Charles III. Here are the reasons it might be according to science.

While the world still remembers Queen Elizabeth II, Another ruler occupies the front pages of the details that stand out at first glance. This is the new king Charles III, Which he did in the last public interventions Worry Citizens British.

The reason stands out immediately in the eyes of the most attentive, but also in the eyes of the least attentive. King Charles III he have hands especially swollen. Intuitively, this physical characteristic can be a manifestation of problems Traders, but not only. The swelling isn’t necessarily due to a serious cause either, but it’s definitely a good thing control themselves Due to the many possible causes, from the main to the “light”.

King Charles, red and swollen hand: what the British magazines say

King Charles III sick?  Worry about swollen fingers

Gets a lot of talk in the last few days there health From King Charles III, Especially at such a delicate moment at home Windsor.

The suggested image in the swollen fingers article is the same as the one just reported daily Mail It is Italian daily factdating back to 2012. This is because in fact the hands of the king have been immortalized many times over the years.

I was Daily Staras in the reports daily factTo request an explanation from Dr. Gareth Nye. The latter reconnected the visible swelling of King Charles III For two possible primary reasons: first, a Edema:

A condition in which the body begins to retain fluid in the extremities, usually in the legs and ankles, but also in the fingers, causing them to swell. To check if this is the real cause, the king will only need to hold the swollen area for about 15 seconds and assess the possible decrease in the area.

And if it is not edema, the other cause is always according to the opinion of the doctor naymaybe you can be arthritis:

Another common condition in the 1960s. It most often affects three main areas of the hand: the thumb joint or the joints of the fingers together. The fingers usually become stiff, painful, and swollen, and although medications can relieve the pain, the swelling may remain.

actually for swollen handsAs we mentioned from the beginning, there are dozens of Explanations. But what can be ruled out in the case of the British governor is that “sausage fingers” are not fleeting for him. That is why erratic lifestyles, temporary imbalances, unhealthy diets and the like can get worse, but the situation is already there.

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Anyway, here are some of the most common causes of “swollen hands”: arthritis, unbalanced diet, especially excessive salt consumption, injuries, circulatory problems, allergic reactions, allergies, infections, or injuries.

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