‘Killed by anti-Russian hate’: Mass in memory of Daria Dugina in Rimini

Rimini appeared obituary with a picture Daria Dogina and engraving ‘They were killed out of anti-Russian hatred’. Daughter of the Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Duginconsidered the right hand and perspective Russian President Vladimir PutinDugina died last August 21, while she was driving her father’s car, which exploded near Moscow. According to the Russian authorities, it was attacks Developed byintelligence Ukraine and its achievement Natalia Vovk. In memory of the victim of what President Putin calleddespicable and cruel crimeAbout twenty people attended the polling mass in Rimini today, Sunday, August 28, in The Sanctuary of Madonna della Misericordia. The obituary was signed: “Friends and friends RussiaRev., Don Sebastiano Benedetinihe said that nHe did not know anything about it: he reported to the bishop and asked the promoters of the initiative to remove from the posters that sentence about anti-Russian hatred, but to no avail. As I mentioned before Corriere della SeraAnd the David Gasparinione of the authors reassured that “there is no intention to take sides at the political level,” but it will be.”A peaceful display of one’s thinkingSo does the prevailing “climate of hate”.

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