Kigali commutes the prison sentence of the hero of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” – the last hour

(ANSA) – KIGali, March 24 – Rwanda has decided to review the sentence of Paul Rusesabagina, convict of 25 years in prison and hero of the Hollywood movie “Hotel Rwanda”, inspired by his exploits: Kigali government spokeswoman Yolande McCullough. The sentence, handed down in September 2021, was commuted by presidential order, McCullough outlined in a case that has caused concern internationally and among activists.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Rwandan President Paul Kagame announced his commitment to resolving the issue. Rasbagina’s supporters denounced the farce of his trial as full of irregularities, while family members of the 68-year-old warned of the danger of dying in prison due to his failing health.

In May 2022, the verdict against Rsabagina was upheld, and most of the other defendants charged with supporting armed groups were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to 20 years.

Rusesabagina was a hotel manager in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, and is credited with saving some 1,200 people during the 1994 genocide between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups in which some 800,000 people were killed, mostly Tutsis, but moderate Hutus as well. (handle).

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