Kia EV9, the first contact with an electric SUV

The concept that anticipates the Korean SUV looks closely to appreciate its exterior design and configurable interiors

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The fact that Kia makes high-quality cars, and motorists like them, is attested by the ever-increasing sales figures and the recent win of the EV6 electric award. Car of the Year 2022. The Korean company has shown in recent years that it has well defined its electricity plan for the group and that it already has an environmentally sustainable production. The near future for Kia is the EV9. In this sense, the words of Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of the Global Design Center at Kia, are eloquent: “The EV9 concept is another milestone in the extraordinary journey undertaken with the new path for the Kia brand. After clarifying our goal – to become a world leader. In Sustainable Mobility Solutions – We have carefully assessed the impact of our decision, in the short and medium term, on every type of vehicle, including SUVs.In the EV9 Concept, we highlight how the SUV concept can evolve to take a strategic role in the era of sustainable mobility. The highlights of the Concept EV9 are its progressive exterior design with futuristic interior space on an innovative, high-tech plinth combined with the latest all-electric drive. These are the essential directives that will guide our future interpretations of the SUV.”

How it’s made: Design

The EV9 Concept is 80% to 90% faithful to the model that’s going on sale from 2023 even if it’s clear that some options, like folding doors, may not be present in the cars we’ll see rolled into ours. streets. The shapes are very square, an aspect that gives this car great character and stage presence. Dimensions are not quite ideal for finding a parking space in the city center at rush hour: the EV9 is 4930 mm long, 2055 mm wide and 1790 mm high. The real secret to ensuring a first-class interior space is the wheelbase of 3100 mm, which made it possible to arrange the seats in 3 rows and ensure a large living space for everyone. Looking at the EV9 from the front, the new Tiger Face stands out, re-engineered for the era of sustainable mobility, which exploits the lack of a front grille to cool the thermal engine to give space to a pure design. The lighting is based on an intricate star-cloud pattern display, which, when the vehicle is parked, is hidden behind the body panel.

Aerodynamic efficiency

Sequential patterns create a “welcome light” for the driver and position the lights correctly while driving. The idea of ​​the constellation inspired the Kia design team to create very unique vertical daytime running lights front and rear, demonstrating the EV9 with its unique and distinctive look. The hood roof has some solar panels that provide a portion of the power the EV9 needs to increase its maximum range. Instead, aerodynamic efficiency is ensured by retractable roof rails that, when not in use, close inward, directing airflow evenly over the vehicle. On the other hand, the camera system replaces the now outdated outside rearview mirrors, further improving the resistance of this zero-emissions SUV. The wheels are 22 inches in size and feature a distinctive geometry that fits nicely into the design of this vehicle.

the interior

Once on board, you will find a well-finished cabin that has been studied in every detail to provide the maximum comfort possible for the passengers. All devices are based on a 27-inch wide interactive screen that connects the Concept EV9 to the network, providing a series of services that improve life on board for all passengers. Right from the movies set in the future are the folding doors and retractable steering wheel, two solutions we probably won’t see in the final version.

Three configurations

In addition, the cabin can be configured in three different ways: Active mode is used on the go, ensuring the driver and passengers an optimal and comfortable driving experience. However, with the car stationary, it is possible to take advantage of a pause mode that modifies the interior to transform the passenger compartment into a stylish living room to talk or work in. The seats can be rotated to allow first- and third-row passengers to face each other, while the second-row seats can be folded away, turning into tables. Alternatively, the Enjoy Mode system transforms the passenger compartment into an entertainment space by rotating all three rows of seats, allowing all passengers to enjoy the outdoor environment, with the tailgate open, and comfortably seated in the front row. There are still several months before we can see the final version and above all drive this zero-emissions SUV on the road. We’re sure of one thing (for now): the EV9 has a “wonder factor” that’s also the envy of sports cars.

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