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A gesture that goes beyond friendship. This can be summed up as what the rugby player did Kevin Seinfeld Cross the finish line marathon Leeds with his friend in his arms Rob Burrowwho is also a former rugby champion who has been living in a wheelchair since 2019 due to motor neurone disease.

From field rugby to diagnosis

Borov, 40, played 16 years in rugby league, the tournament at the age of 13, and was considered the “youngest player in the league” as he weighed in at 165cm in 70kg. Wren in the sport of giants. However, his life suddenly changed when he was diagnosed with one Motor neurone diseasesimilar to Sla.

Very little discovery passed to a diagnosis of pathology, after which his body was so weakened that he was forced to live in a wheelchair, with very little possibility of movement. But the former England winger did not give up. In fact, he continues to fight for survival by communicating via computer.

The moment Kevin Seinfeld crosses the finish line with Rob Burrow in his arms (Instagram)

Leeds Marathon

Indeed, despite the paralysis, the former rugby player was able to complete the match Leeds Marathon, the first in 20 years dedicated to him. The best thing is that the achievement was made thanks With the help of a friend As ever, so does National Defense Coach Kevin Seinfeld.

The man pushed the wheelchair for 42 kilometers and 195 metres, then carried it across the finish line in his arms, in a moment of great emotional impact. The race in Yorkshire has become a motor neurone disease fundraising charity event and Sinfield has helped raise money at least 8 million pounds (9.2 million euros) From the day of diagnosis to the friend.

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Sunday’s marathon and the accompanying half-marathon made it possible to raise another million euros. Precisely for this reason, the coach was so pleased with the event: “It is important to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Society and Leeds Hospital, but this was also Friendship party. It was important for the city and beyond.”

It is no coincidence that the English rugby world has found itself compelled to ask itself an age-old question: risk of blows to the head and its long-term consequences. In some cases, such as that of Ryan Jones, the former Wales captain, the relationship between the traumas he received in his career and the disease has been ascertained.

Ex-rugby player career

Paralyzed friend marathon
Kevin Seinfeld pushes friend Rob Burrow’s bandwagon (Instagram)

A former professional rugby player in the British Rugby League, he spent 16 years playing for the Leeds Rhinos in the Premier League, before retiring in 2017. Representing the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom, he has spent his entire career in Leeds.

He was famous for many years as “the youngest player in the Premier League”. Despite this, he is a rugby player most successful In the history of the competition, having won a total of 8 Premier League titles and the Challenge Cup twice, been named to the Super League Dream Team three times and also won the Harry Sunderland Cup twice.

On December 19, 2019, information was released that Burrow had been diagnosed with motor neuron disease. On December 30, 2020, he was named an MBE in the 2021 New Year for his service to the rugby league and motor neurone disease community.

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