Kevin Owens talks about NJPW star Juice Robinson who broke his nose in his WWE debut

Kevin Owens He signed with WWE in August 2014 and made his NXT debut in TakeOver: R Evolution in December vs. Robinson juice (Formerly known as CJ Parker in WWE). Owens won the match but suffered a broken nose.

Kevin Owens remembers how Juice Robinson broke his nose during his WWE debut

WWE recently posted a bonus clip of Kevin Owens’ WWE Chronicle episode on their YouTube channel. In the clip, Owens talked about his WWE debut and how he felt behind the scenes before that:

I remember this moment specifically. Like, music is playing, but nobody knows it’s my music. Even before that, as before the show started, you know they have a “then, now, forever” graphic, I was watching it. It really shook me because I saw this drawing so many times, and now I knew I was going to be on the show it was airing for. I just remember thinking, that’s fifteen, and now here we are, at last. Because it felt like it took forever to get there, but at the same time, it’s probably exactly as it should be.

Kevin Owens went on to talk about his first match with Juice Robinson (CJ Parker) and how he had a broken nose. KO also revealed that a broken nose led to his close friendship with the current NJPW star:

Then CJ Parker came out and broke my nose. As a result, we became very close friends. I actually texted him 20 or 30 minutes ago six years ago from today that it broke my nose and stole my heart. H / T: WrestlingINC

Kevin Owens was recently fighting Roman Reigns over SmackDown. Unfortunately, the numbers game proved too much for Owens, with Ji Usu constantly interfering in his matches against Reigns. Uso also participated in KO matches at TLC PPV and SmackDown last Friday, costing Owens the title in both matches.

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We don’t know yet if Owens’ feud with Roman Reigns is over. Paul Heyman sent a message to Kevin Owens on Talking Smack this week. You can check it out Here.

Posted 28 Dec 2020, 16:11 IST

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