Ken Levine had made the development of the first Hell game –

According to a new report in Bloomberg, written by regular Jason Schreyer, Ken Levin would make big fire First game development ghost story games, his new studio, founded after the launch of Bioshock: Infinite and the closure of Irrational Games.

Wicked knows well Levine’s modus operandi, which he wrote extensively in his latest book, Reset, in which he revealed that in fact it was he who wanted to close stray games, because I’m tired of working with very large development teams. From that experience was born Ghost Story Games, which has not announced anything yet.

According to reports, the reason would be the terrible management of the team by Levine, which would have caused numerous defections in the work of developers tired of the situation, as well as delays in development. As you read, stories by former irrationalists about how Levine handled Bioshock Infinite come to mind. Obviously, the lesson did not help him.

However, according to a studio employee, who wished to remain anonymous, there are still two years left before you can play the elusive first title for Ghost Story Games, about which practically nothing is known. Keep in mind that the release was pre-planned for 2017 …

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