“Kellini, the future in the US? View from Los Angeles”

Turin – Opportunities in MLS for Giorgio Chiellini. According to reports from The Athletic, in fact, The 37-year-old Juventus captain has received an offer from Los Angeles Football Club For the next season (which will start in the United States in the spring of 2023), with a contract format that cannot exceed 1 million 560 thousand euros per year according to the regulations of the American Championship: this is due to the Bianconero Will not fall under “Beckham’s Law” (designated player rule)which allows each club in Mayor League Soccer to exceed the salary cap of just three players in the workforce (as happened for example Lorenzo Insigne in Toronto).

Coppa Italia, Juventus: Allegri's possible line-up

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Coppa Italia, Juventus: Allegri’s possible line-up

Opportunities in MLS

By the way, it’s not even the only team on the other side of the Atlantic that has tested the defender’s floor, given that Even Canadians in the Vancouver Whitecaps, led by Italian Fanny Sartini, would like to bring it to North America (provided that they can obtain”MLS discovery rights” on it, because only one MLS franchise can bid on one player). Those who want it will in any case have to deal with Juventus, given that Chiellini, who will lead the Bianconeri tonight in the Italian Cup final against Inter, still has a contract with the old lady until June 2023.

Chiellini: "Coulibaly?  As an Italian I used to feel ashamed"

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Chiellini: “Coulibaly? As an Italian I was ashamed”

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