Kefir, the Superfood: What It Is and Why It’s So Good for Your Health

A food you’ve never heard of, especially in Italy, but it’s a natural remedy: let’s find out what kefir is and what it’s made of.

Even Italian doctors suggest we eat a few yoghurts a week. Rich in probiotics, they help the normal activity of the intestines, and also improve disease resistance. Digestion is an important part of the process of eating food. And if the intestines don’t work well, it sends the rest of the body into a state of torsion. Most health problems start directly from the intestinal flora, when there is compensation, it is the whole body that suffers.

Kefir, what is it

Although yogurt is a cure-all from this point of view, another food, kefir, has failed to achieve such success in Italy. Activia offers it for example in the form of a drink, and it is present in very few supermarkets, precisely because it is not sold enough. Most Italians are not aware of the content of this food, yet it is very important to the diet. So let’s see in detail what it consists of.

What is kefir made of and why is it an important food?

Kefir is a more fizzy product than yogurt, with this intense flavour, yet it has the same consistency as its sibling. It’s been around for thousands of years, but it hasn’t made any inroads in Italy, perhaps because its taste isn’t quite to our palates. It is made from cow’s or goat’s milk and kefir grains, that is, blocks of bacteria and yeasts that increase our immune defenses.

An example of Kefir Activia –

Milk is poured with kefir grains, the latter are able to ferment the sugar naturally present in milk, which, in fact, is lactose. After about 24 hours, you will get a milk-based drink. With the fact that the lactose in kefir is actually in small concentrations, It is also possible to drink it for those who cannot digest dairy products well. Obviously, we are only talking about mild intolerances and not true allergies. But what are its benefits?

What are the benefits of kefir

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