Katsuhiro Harada would like to make the sequel “But We Don’t Decide” –

Katsuhiro HaradaThe legendary producer of Pokkén Championship, I’d like to make a sequel to this lucky fighting game that mixes Pokemon with Tekken mechanics and style. However, unfortunately, neither he is the one to decide nor Bandai Namco either, however Nintendo e Pokemon Corporation.

To talk about that Twitter It’s Harada himself, who honestly replies to a fan asking for some news about the game. Or rather, if it comes to “A special celebration of these two great series, or a game that may return a sequel in the future“.

Harada’s answer went Straight to the point: “We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokémon Co, and Pokkén has had an excellent response from fans, so I’d love to do something else. But it does not depend on what we decide, but on what they decide. “

A very clear rhetoric: as much as he and Pandey Namco enjoyed working on the game, creating a potential sequel is not dependent on them, but on Nintendo and the Pokémon Company. However, it must be added, as Harada himself identified Two thingsThe first is that there are excellent relations between the two parties, and the second is that the audience’s reception was good.

So, in case of a sequel, the doors of Bandai Namco and the legendary Tekken product will open. Could it be a way to anticipate some ads? On the other hand, next month we’ll celebrate 25 Years of Pokemon And an advertisement for a game like Pokkén Tournament 2 could be perfect for the occasion.

In case you want to know what it is, we leave you for our Pokkén Tournament review for the Nintendo Switch.

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