Kate Middleton: Fearless On The Beach. As in life

St Andrews, Scotland - May 26: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, prepares for a wild yachting session on the beach on May 26, 2021 in Saint Andrews, Scotland.  (Photo by Phil Noble - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Kate Middleton on the beach during the royal tour of Scotland (Getty Images)

Duchess of Courage must be called. Why Kate Middleton, Of courage, he has to sell. She demonstrated it yesterday, during the royal tour of Scotland, when I rode a sailing carriage ashore to challenge William. A crazy fun ride on the sand, complete with wheels. To which the Duchess of Cambridge smiled.

Kate Middleton, Brave Duchess

If there’s one quality that Kate Middleton has, it’s actually fearless. Just not during Royal tour But also in life. What the Duchess does during her official outings reflects her personality. Stubborn, brave, sometimes reckless character. Certainly different than it was a few years ago.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was very shy when she was very young (Image: GETTY)

Who knew Kate Middleton From a young age she talks about her A shy, confused, and unsure girl. He is often marginalized by his peers. Teasing at times. A 13-year-old girl who was bullied. Which he found on sport summary.

Sports, Kate Middleton’s Salvation

Sports – or rather, physical activity in general – is what got Kate Middleton out there A strong woman is today. The habit of constantly challenging herself and others had, in fact, helped the future ruler of the United Kingdom never give up. do not worry. In short, to be more flexible.

It is not uncommon to see Kate Middleton, during the royal tours, try her hand Really impulsive experiences. A little bit as if he likes to share. Buggy sailing adventure on the nearby beach St. AndrewAnd the The college town where love with William was born and where she returns this week is the latest in a long line.

The Unedited Side of the Duchess of Cambridge

In the past, Kate has experimented with Amplifiers But it also got a raft. He drove a boat to Canada and he did it Trips In the mountains in Bhutan. He took over the boat for the New Zealand America’s Cup team and did just that climbing. Always with a smile to expel the fear of not doing so. That smile he faces every day Challenges That brings him closer than ever to the throne. All, Without complaint. Perhaps the reason her subjects love her.

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