Kate and William, appearance at Wimbledon unleashes all hell: details don’t escape the public

On the last day of Wimbledon, Kate and William did not expect such a reaction from the audience.

Even the most famous tennis tournament of all time is over. With (surprise) the men’s circuit winning Carlos Alcaraz, born in 2003, and interrupting Novak Djokovic’s ten-year dominance, it is as if a whole new era has begun in the United Kingdom under the sign of King Charles. But above all from Kate Middleton, godmother of the event.

As godmother of the event, Kate Middleton could not miss the men’s Wimbledon final – (source ANSA) –

Unlike what happened to Camilla who attended some matches from the royal box with her sister Annabelle, the Princess of Wales received all the appropriate accolades for her arrangement. Precisely because it was she who presented the prizes to the winners of the tournament, Tennis players bowed to her, reserved only for King Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the past. For the Queen consort, however, nothing to do.

But what is this kind of “disparity” in treatment? We have to go back in time a bit, precisely in 2003 when the Duke of Kent, as well as the club’s president at the time, decided to break with the past by entering the whole new millennium, certainly more secular and less formal. And so, for twenty years Bowing to any member of the royal family has been abolished.

However, as we said before, there have been significant exceptions over the years, and one of them concerns the Princess of Wales. In this case, in fact, athletes certainly cannot avoid reverence, because that too Kate is part of the Wimbledon spirit now He plays an important role within the All England Club. Obviously, tennis players seeing the Queen’s consort could have independently chosen to “greet” Camilla. But this did not happen.

George and Charlotte with mum Kate and dad William at Wimbledon: little Louis was largely absent

However, back at Middleton, she wasn’t the only royal present at the tournament final. Actually, with it There was, of course, Prince William and children George and Charlotte. Showing the fact that not only are the entire royal family great sports fans – in this case Carlo is the exception, present on very few occasions – but both Kate and William immediately point the princes to a fit, healthy lifestyle that focuses (almost) entirely on sports.

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Kate and William with their children George and Charlotte in the royal box – (Source ANSA) –

And the future heir to the throne of the United Kingdom and the princess seemed to love the match, despite the fact that it was a five-hour epic that would have really put anyone to the test. In fact, there were five groups that fought. On the other hand, Djokovic won 7 times on grass and gave up after a very long fight, which was set after a set.

If the All England Club is nothing new to George, For Charlotte, this was the first time ever at Wimbledon. The emotion mixed with curiosity on his face betrayed all the anticipation of one of the most important sporting events of all time. However, many noticed the absence of little Prince Louis, who conquered everyone last year during the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Boredom, grimaces, and maramiu on Mother Kate conquered everyone all over the world. And he was so afraid Even during his grandfather’s coronation, the little prince stole the show from everyone He became the absolute protagonist of the party. But on that occasion, he was flawless. Thanks also for training the Princess who has prepared her 3 children in the best possible way for such an important day not only for Windsors but for the whole of the UK.

However, the Princess of Wales revealed it Prince Louis was very upset. In fact, he too would have liked to see Carlos Alcaraz dethrone Novak Djokovic during the men’s final. But unlike his brothers, Louis is still too young for a Wimbledon match which, as we have seen, can last several hours. And then, recently, an exception was made to the rule that even young Windsor children were allowed to watch the tournament from the royal box.

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Charlotte’s first time at Wimbledon with Kate: great affection for the little princess and more

Speaking afterwards to Ella Ottaway, Children, Youth and Families Coordinator at Wimbledon, Kate said:It’s Charlotte’s first time, George came last yearAbout the match, he added:They watched anxiously as Charlotte slowly gained control of the gameBut not only.

Charlotte has always held her mother Kate’s hand – (source ANSA) –

Before the final started, the princes were given a shopping bag with some Wimbledon paraphernalia to thank them for being there on such an important and memorable day. Dressed in a soft blue floral dress, Charlotte held her mother’s hand and walked past George and his father to reach the lawn and greet the staff. Kate, in fact, as godmother, She had to divide her attention between her children and all the minute details of the event.

In fact, the Princess of Wales returned for the second time this weekend to the All England Lawn Tennis Club. She also comforted the Tunisian on the field Anas Jaber After losing to Marketa Vondrousova in the women’s final on Saturday. Journalists asked Jaber what Princess Kate said to her after the match. She replied:Same thing after last year. It encouraged me to be strong to come back and win the Grand Slam, to win Wimbledon“.

Kate also hugged Jaber, desperately trying to overcome the defeat, and tried to comfort her in every way. “She was really very niceadded the tennis player.He didn’t know if he could hug me or not. I told her hugs are always welcome from me. It was a very beautiful moment And always be nice to me“.

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Kate Middleton breathes new life into Wimbledon: her sweetness conquers all

In short, the princess knows how bitter defeat is And as godmother, she cares so that, even in a moment of bitterness and frustration, Wimbledon is always a sweet memory. “I’ve already lost two finals, and this is the third“I don’t know,” Jabawer explained again. “I felt like things were going to be different this time.”

Kate congratulated the young Alcaraz on his victory – (Source ANSA) –

but in general, His presence was consistent throughout the tournament. Middleton did not give up visiting the club during the second day of the tournament, despite the rain. She was sheltering under an umbrella, and watched Katie Poulter’s British number one match without too much trouble. And even yesterday, during the last day, his commitment and dedication could not have been less.

In fact, Kate was beaming as she handed the trophy to the 20-year-old Alcaraz and chatted with the tennis players during the award ceremony. He congratulates the Spaniard on his achievement and calms the Serb down instead He definitely had other plans on his mind for the day. Former champion Djokovic was aiming for an eighth Wimbledon title and 24 Grand Slam titles. Both would be a record achievement. But his opponent, the young Spaniard, decided to shuffle the cards with an unprecedented victory and under the eyes of his king, Philip VI.

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