Karius defeated Newcastle 2-0

In the Wembley Final, the Red Devils, led by Ten Hag, beat Howe Magpies with goals from Casemiro and Rashford in the first half. The German goalkeeper, Delita Lotta’s partner, is guilty this time

London, UK) – the Manchester United Come back to win and do it Wembley in final Carabao CupPremier League Cup, against the rampant Newcastledefeated in the final 2-0 with first half goals by Casemiro And Rashford. L’s first victory Ten Hag On the bench of the Red Devils after a long “battle” with Cristiano Ronaldo And the latest hit around Old Trafford license plate Mourinho with the’European league He conquered it in 2017

Manchester United – Newcastle 2-0: table and statistics

This time Karius is innocent before Dilita’s eyes

This time it is not his fault, a small consolation but an important step towards athletic “rehabilitation”. Loris Karius He returned to play in the final after that made him famous in 2018, with two incredible mistakes that gave Real Madrid the Champions League title when he wore a Liverpool shirt. Casemiro’s header and Rashford’s volley into the net by Putman cannot be attributed to the German goalkeeper, who today played proudly under the watchful eye of his new partner from the sidelines. Diletta Leotta is sent to London for Dazn to whom he dedicates a heartbreaking love letter before the match.

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