Karate, still international successes for Volgorine in Sofia

It was Bulgaria’s turn to participate in the international karate competition called “Sofia Open” (WKF regulations), at the sports facility in the capital

Monday 28 March 2022 – 16:33

TheEuropean tour continues Blue Army ASD Team / Blue – 187 Folgor de Livornowhich on the weekend of March, with the youth sector was the protagonist of the competitive successes in Portugal, Croatia And at the end of last week, it was the turn of Bulgaria By participating in the international karate competition called “Sofia Open” (WKF regulations), in the capital’s sports facility.
The organization registered 556 members representing 7 foreign countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Present At the event, “I Folgorini” in the Kumite specialty “Combat in Control”.

There was a heart-pounding competition supported by the combative athlete Eduardo Legas who conquered Bronze Medal In the category under 14 years old, weight – 50 kg.
Matches with opponents were active and Eduardo stubbornly got to the podium.

In addition, she was scheduled to take a free range cruise Jacobo Citywho in the replay stage of the fourth match, which reached the final of the bronze, “Finalina”, in the U weight 14 – 45 kg, unfortunately ended with a thunderbolt. The match 0-0 against the Romanian athlete, who won the victory by virtue of referee “Ante” and Jacobo almost reached the podium, winning the excellent fifth place. “Artistic with the Stars” led the competitive behavior of the Bulgarian experience Antonio City.

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