Juventus wallpaper, what Elkan Agnelli asked

Who will decide how and how much Juventus will change next season? The Bianconeri pyramid at the top is not Andrea Agnelli as the president without a portfolio, but the Exor family who also dominate Juventus and is headed by John Elcan. Paul Bargicia He reveals on his website the dialogue between the cousins, expecting exciting moves.

As for Bargiggia, Elkann gave Agnelli two options

Bargiggia writes about a match that happened before John’s derby Elcan Will ask By Andrea Agnelli “To step down next season in order to renew the board that runs Juventus.” Agnelli just wouldn’t have taken it well.

Agnelli wants to move to Ferrari

Bargiggia explains that, in return, Agnelli had requested that he be eventually transferred to Ferrari in a Similar higher role: “It is clear that we do not know John Elkan’s answer to this; but they told us that the number one in Exor would have also raised the possibility of leaving the financial management of Juventus to sell it with all the burdens and honors, perhaps to Andrea Agnelli if he was ready for such an operation.”

“As for the latter, it is clear that running a club with other people’s money is one thing, putting in some money and personal coverage is another. However, we do not believe that if there is a complete revolution, it will depend exclusively on a possible failure to enter Champions. However, from the desire for John Elkan to start from scratch and from how much capital he would ultimately want to invest.

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In any case, the episode we told you, along with other signals coming from environments close to the Juventus world, makes us understand one thing. That is the saying from Andrea. Annelie In Pirlo, at the moment nobody is sure of the right place for next season. “

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