Juventus, the Premier League begins in the summer in the United States

Turin – Sopraloy In the field and not only in the courtrooms. Indiscretion comes from Spain: this summer JuventusAnd real madridAnd Barcelona And Milan They were planning to tour the United States, where they would stage challenges on the West and East Coasts. The top three clubs were the leaders of the Premier League and the only ones that never gave up on the project. The idea of ​​the US tour was to start from them, with an invitation also addressed to the Rossoneri: after two seasons strongly conditioned by the epidemic (in 2020 the European Championship and Cups ended even between July and August), there is a desire to return to normal. At the moment, even in the stadiums, the capacity has returned to one hundred percent, so the clubs are considering the possibility of starting again with summer tours, where they play luxurious friendly matches, which guarantees revenue and brand visibility. intention Florentino Perez With the president of Juventus Andrea Agnelliis to further tighten the Premier League alliance, which also includes Barcelona, ​​despite the Blaugrana coach Xavi Hernandez Be a little hesitant to go on a tour like this because you’d rather stay in Europe for summer preparations. In particular, Real Madrid and Barcelona have already reached an agreement to play El Clasico in a friendly match at the end of July. The scenario should be the new Allegian Stadium Las vigaswhich was supposed to be installed in 2020 with the great challenge between Blancos and Blaugrana (…)

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Superlega: From Spain fit for penalty kicks against Juventus, Barcelona and Real

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Superlega: From Spain fit for penalty kicks against Juventus, Barcelona and Real

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