Juventus, Montemoro: “The final on the pitch? If we win I’ll stop and go back to Australia!”

Fitness Trainer Joe Montemoro She commented at the press conference about the first leg of the women’s Champions League quarter-final, which Juventus Women’s won 2-1 over Lyon at Allianz Stadium: “At the beginning of the year I thought I could play with this team., I don’t know if I’ll score goals but I’m fighting yes. “I was convinced that I could play for the big clubs. The stadium gave us confidence from the start, and I want to thank the fans. It’s our pride, this tournament deserves these performances. In the Champions League you have to understand the moments of the game and then the sending off helped us but we’ve already done things.” task before and it was clear we could win.”

At a distance from the big clubs: “We need to evaluate this year and the year after to probably understand well. I hope the growth continues, we saw good football tonight. It’s also a way to learn from others how to get to that level.”

On Bonfantini: “I have to analyze the game and we saw that it has no effect when the pace is high at the beginning of the match. It grows and you can be an international player.”

when back: “First of all there is the match against Inter on Sunday. What I regret today is that we could have kept the ball longer, if we went with this mentality next week we have a great chance to control our destiny. When we prepared the matches we found important situations, we need to work Better with the ball “:

In the final at home: “It would be a dream, an unbelievable thing. I don’t know, we live game by game. We started this journey from scratch, not knowing where we can go. The most important thing is that we have proven time and time again that we can play against the big clubs. If we were here. On May 21 and if we win I will stop football and go back to Australia!”

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