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Draghi’s government, consultations: it’s up to Salvini and Grillo

Mario Draghi, Matteo Salvini and Pepe Grillo. The responsible prime minister faces the second day of consultations and prepares to receive the delegations of Liga and Movimento 5 Stelly in the morning that he promises to be crucial to the definition of the “prominent” executive authority that the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has relied on. Draghi closed on Friday, garnering the support of Pd, Italia Viva and Forza Italia. The brothers of Italy, as Giorgia Meloni reiterated, will not vote in confidence. At 11 o’clock, Draghi will receive the League delegation, formed by leader Matteo Salvini and the leaders of the group in the Chamber and the Senate, Ricardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo. The Carroccio line was illustrated in the last hours by Salvini, with increasingly clear statements. Yesterday morning, Salvini said, before repeating some concepts from his Twitter profile: “We are not doing things in half, if we are there then we are, otherwise we are cooperating with the opposition, as we have done in the past year and a half.” . Salvini wrote: “I do not see strange hypotheses, artistic governments, or external support. Whether you are there or not, I have proven this as Minister of the Interior. If we participate we will do so as the first Italian party,” adding: “With Professor Draghi he will talk tomorrow about our idea of ​​Italy, no We can say “yes” or “no” regardless, at a time when the interest of the state must come before the interest of the parties. We will definitely say no to the increase in taxes. And Imu, no to the legacy raised by Grillo, no to zeroing in the 100th share. Italians demand courage and seriousness. “. On the issue of government support – with prices going up – Salvini went where he had never arrived with a definitive order: “We don’t do things midway, if we are there” we are aiming for a political executive, who will have Draghi through to take charge, identify the parties to whom It must start and foremost in any form. League ministers also appear, with Giorgetti being among the more well-known names. Then, in the same minutes that Giorgia Meloni ended consultations with the responsible prime minister, and put on paper Fdi’s number for the government, it also appeared that Salvini was relinquishing his veto power over his potential coexistence in government with the former allies of the M5S: “Who am I to say“ No ” We with Draghi wouldn’t say I don’t want the man. ” The engagement strategy, at this point, appears to be working all the way: “We are there, ready to put our faces on it.” After the league, it would be up to 5-star move. At 12.15 p.m., a delegation made up of the guarantor, Beppe Grillo and the political leader, Vito Crimi, will present itself to Draghi. For the Senate, there will be group leader Ettore Lescheri and deputy leader of the group Andrea Chovi. Group leader David Criba and Deputy Group Leader Ricardo Ricciardi will be present in the room. According to Adnkronos, before meeting Draghi for consultations, the “big” M5S will mark a point in Montecitorio at 11 p.m. at the summit that will also be attended by outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Grillo, Luigi Di Maio, Ricardo Fracaro, Alfonso Bonavide, Paula Taverna and Stefano Patanelli, as well as Karimi and the M5S group leaders in the Chamber and Senate. From Draghi, the movement will present itself as it grapples with a lively internal debate about the position to be taken with regard to executive power. Grillo, compared to the initial “no,” has changed direction. After he had said, last Tuesday, to now ex-ministers who had heard him, “It never happened with Draghi, advanced with Conte,” he turned around. But the condition is that Draghi is a political executive, with the M5S in the role of a hinge. If the big names appear allied, the same cannot be said of the parliamentary “forces”. In Madama Palace, in particular, there is still a group of senators (there are dozens) who are vehemently opposed to Draghi’s government. The founder of the M5S will try to confront himself with them to preserve the unity of movement. “We don’t understand this change in streak decided by Beppe, we didn’t expect that …”, one of the most skeptical grillini to Adnkronos.

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